General Structures

753 1K Breathable Penetrative Barrier


State of art “GREEN” technology based 753 concrete Anti carbonation coating penetrates deeply into contaminated concrete, bonds strongly, seals & protects concrete floors /walls, against carbonation, water spillages & seepages, algae & fungal growth.

Provides an impermeable film against oil & water but allows concrete to breath, with transmission of water vapour through the protective coating.



  • Penetrative (upto 10 mm), Will seal concrete internal capillary voids very effectively, Will not crack / peel off with time .
  • Repels water “Lotus Effect”.
  • Densifies & strengthens concrete -upto 20%
  • Prevents moisture and vapor migration. Protects re-bar.
  • Breathable, can be applied on damp surfaces.
  • UV Tolerant… will not get damaged / brittle with time. Green technology.
  • Prevent lichen, algae & fungus formation.
  • Water & Salt tolerant. Protects concrete structures, beams, pillars, foundations, against damage by water saturation & carbonation.
  • Negative and positive side application.
  • Prevents formation of rust and water-borne contaminant stains, decreasing maintenance costs.



  • Concrete general structures - buildings, cooling towers, tanks, warehouses, silo’s...
  • Concrete Bridges, flyovers, tunnels....
  • Marine & Offshore cooling towers/platforms


Available colors :- White RAL 9003, Light grey - RAL 7000 & Ivory RAL 1013 (Custom shades >1000 Ltrs)

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