Tank & Wall Seepages negative pressure

754 General walls


754 STANGARD SEALER: Based on unique moisture curing urethane technology.

State of art “MCU” technology based 754 concrete sealer penetrates deeply, upto 20mm, into contaminated concrete, bonds strongly, seals & protects concrete floors /walls, against spillages & seepage.

Ready-to-use, non-toxic, penetrating, permanent water & oil tolerant concrete sealer. Specifically formulated, and composed of organic, chemically reactive, complex catalyzed
compounds, which allow full penetration with superior surface tolerance & application on damp /oily substrates.

Enhances all of the natural characteristics of concrete and seals the capillary voids to practically zero. Suitable for all above/below grade, vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces.

  • Water & oil tolerant. Negative & positive side wall seepage /salt efflorescence sealing.
  • Prevents moisture and vapor migration. Protects re-bar.
  • Prevents formation of rust and water-borne contaminant stains, decreasing maintenance costs.
  • Prevents lichen, moss and fungus growth on the surface.
  • Ideal solution for Sugar juice, oil handling & storage, Compressor / DG room floor area’s /machinery foundations... as a concrete sealer that will make the floors & walls impermeable for corrosive sugar juice, oil & water penetration....


IMP: Also available “WALL+” technology clear penetrative sealer where top coating with decorative emulsions is to done

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