Water Proofing Dual Sealing

754 + 727 No Foot Traffic


Superior performance system Based on “Dual Seal” technology for “No Traffic” roof water proofing.


(A) 754 Stangard Sealer
State of art “MCU” technology based 754 concrete sealer penetrates deeply into contaminated concrete, bonds strongly, seals & protects concrete floors /walls, against spillages & seepages.

  • Upto 20mm penetration. Effectively seals all internal capillary voids.
  • Negative and positive side application.
  • Prevents moisture and vapor migration. Protects re-bar.


(B) 727 Stangard HP-PLPU

727 Stangard HP-PLPU is two component, Polyester resin cured with an aliphatic isocynate based curative. Coating is designed as a applied coating which offers excellent long term protection for metals. Provides excellent color retention, chalk resistance, scratch & wear resistance, weatherability… Resists splashes, spillages & fumes from dilute acids, alkalies, solvents & fuels.


Area’s of Use:

  • Roofs
  • Metal Bridges & Tanks
  • Provides excellent barrier protection against UV Rays.
  • Excellent abrasion &impact resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance including acetic acid/formic acid...highly stain resistant
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