Water Proofing Dual Sealing

919 + 925 : 3 Step System-Light Foot Traffic


First Time in India – Stangard 3 Layer, Green, “Direct on Roof” Water Proofing System, is a Combination of Penetrative sealer, 2- component Elastomeric top coating, that cures at room temperature to a tough rubber – like material, remaining flexible at temperatures down to even -5 C and a special reenforcement membrane


Layer 1 - 919 Penetrative Sealer

  • Penetrative (upto 10 mm), will seal concrete internal capillary voids very effectively,, will not crack / peel off with time . 
  • Breathable, can be applied on damp surfaces.
  • Green technology.


Layer 2 - 925 Flexible Elastomeric Top Coating

  • Excellent adhesion & crack bridging
  • High flexibility with high recovery – no cracking
  • High tensile elongation
  • Excellent water impermeability
  • Excellent durability to long term weathering & UV
  • Resistant to carbon dioxide & chloride ion diffusion – excellent ant carbonation coating(1mm = 75mm concrete equivalent protection).


Reinforcement Membrane.Ensures Excellent System Integrity & Strength. Prevents cracking.

  • Superior adhesion to existing roof surfaces – brick batcoba, etc unlike APP Elastomeric Membrane System.
  • Excellent weathering – durable water proofing.
  • Green PU technology….. No solvents, voc's….
  • Cold application. No hot torching.
  • Economically priced Vs inferior performance 1 or 2 Layer APP /Elastomeric Membrane Type Technologies.


KEY APPLICATION AREA’S : Ensures Excellent System Integrity & Strength. Prevents cracking.

  • Flexible roof water proofing & protective membrane
  • Flexible crack bridging.
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