Water Proofing Dual Sealing

920 + 926 -Tough : 3 Step System Heavy Foot Traffic


Penetrative cum tough rubber like elastomeric water proof coating -Ideal for severely cracked roofs.

926 Stangard Water Seal is a 2- component Epoxy-Tar system thatcures at room temperature to a tough rubber – like material, remaining flexible at temperatures down to even -5 C.

It adheres to a variety of materials such as metals, concrete, wood, fiber glass and many others.

Due to its low sensitivity to humidity it can also be used for coatings in thin layers and has a remarkably high tensile and tear strength.


Layer 1 - 920 - High build moisture & salt tolerant penetrative sealing primer-upto 20mm


Layer 2 - 926 - 2K flexible elastomeric rubber like epoxy coatings
- Excellent bond adhesion & cross linking. Tough.


Layer - 3 - Reinforcement Membrane

  • Excellent System Integrity & Strength. Prevents cracking. 
  • Superior adhesion to existing roof surfaces – brick bat-coba, etc unlike APP Elastomeric Membrane System.
  • Excellent weathering – durable water proofing.
  • Green PU technology….. No solvents, voc's….
  • Cold application. No hot torching.
  • Superior warrantied performance vs 1 or 2 Layer APP /Elastomeric Membrane Type Technologies.



Impermeable against water & other corrosive liquids. Seamless - will never peel-off. No need to expose mother slab or apply top screed.



  • As flexible water proofing membrane - Roofs, Tanks, Silo’s
  •  Flexible joints sealing.
  • Tank base sealing.
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