Abrasion /Erosion

731 ER Extreme


High Performance zirconium-Ceramic filled epoxy erosion resistant system for metal protection. against pulverised coal, Flyash slurries...


  • Excellent erosion resistance.
  • Ceramic-Zr filled matrix
  • Rebuild worn-out surfaces fast. Enhances component life minimum 7 times.
  • >10000 hrs salt spray
  • Excellent sag & shrink resistance.



  • Highest surface hardness - unable to grind with abrasive wheel.
  • Tabor abrasion results <2mg/1000 cycle.
  • High Performance macro Zr-ceramic & re-inforced material filled epoxy system.
  • Very high wear, cavitation, erosion & corrosion resistance.
  • Ideal for pulverised coal, limestone, cement, flyash, slurry-lines, pumps, hoppers, slides.



Equipment, pipes and ducting, pump housing, VRM, coal injector valves, pipe line bends ( Lbend,Y-bend,T-bend, reducers etc), power plant, chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, cement industries, mining, steel industries & ash handling pipes and valves, coal pulverisers, exhausters, screw conveyors....

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