High Temperatures

HHC 300 & 600


High Heat Coating is formulated with leafing aluminum pigment and silicone co polymer vehicle to provide heat resistance + energy saving upto 600°C. This coating offers excellent weathering characteristics, plus, it resists mild industrial fumes.



  • Single component silicone Co-polymer resin based, aluminum heat resistant coating with excellent adhesion & durable anti-corrosion.
  • Nano fillers provide unique “Low emissivity” properties - Energy savings
  • Unique dual use, corrosion + energy savings.
  • Durable, superior weathering resistance.
  • Excellent high temperature & thermal cycling resistance.
  • Available two grades HHC (300) & HHC (600).



High Heat Coating may be used to coat exhaust manifolds, chimney’s, stacks, breechings, furnaces, drying ovens, kilns, incinerators, boilers, pipes, heat exchangers, pre-heater cyclones etc...

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