Tanks /Vessel internal linings

High build epoxy linings


Offers excellent chemical, corrosion & abrasion resistance in severe industrial enviornments. For the maximum corrosion protection of metal and concrete substrates, in many aggressive environments, including immersion in neutral, alkaline or salt solutions, immersion in concentrated caustic solutions, immersion in waste water, acidic fumes, hydrocarbons, oil, fuels...


  • High build 360-400 microns in two coats.
  • Excellent internal tank lining.
  • Potable water certified
  • Ideal for long term immersion & external use in Cooling towers, Containment area, DM plants, Water treatment plants, Dams & irrigation, Marine, coastal Chemical, petrochemicals, paper... wet /corrosive environments.


NB: Also available economical solutions : 710 SF & 715 EGF

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