Wet Areas, Acidic, Marine Corrosion

1K system for C4-C5 Polyshield


Nano polymer 1K “Green” system for preventing rusting in C4 – C5I conditions



  • Passes >1440 hours salt spray resistance, C5, i.e. very strong corrosion aggressivity, as per ISO 12944, in DFT <100 microns. One coat primer & two passes of top coat, “wet on wet” application - major time savings in application time.
  • Excellent surface adhesion.
  • Excellent UV resistance – does not need PU Top coating.
  • Available in multiple RAL Shades.
  • Prevents metal loss better + less application time, as compared to conventional primer + epoxy midcoat + PU top coat systems
  • Also available 2071 POLYSHIELD PU for : Nano 1K “Cross Linked” green technology PU, for added chemical & scratch resistance , in chemical exposed areas


Application areas :

C4 – C5 structures, pipelines, storage tanks, bridges, railings...

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