Wet Areas, Acidic, Marine Corrosion

C4-C5 : 1040 + 725


Two component true surface tolerant “low Surface Tension” Epoxy-PU system – Wet & “Actual” rust tolerance.

“Ultra low surface tension” – Will penetrate surface rust & bond to parent metal surface, unlike superficial bond of conventional epoxy coatings.



  • High Solids (90%). 
  • MIO fortified.
  • >2000 hrs Salt Spray.
  • Good Chemical resistance.
  • Excellent adhesion on Steel.



  • True surface tolerant “low surface tension” epoxy coating with wet & “Actual” rust tolerance
  • Excellent adhesion on ST-2 prepared surfaces (>1200psi).
  • Better alternate of general purpose Epoxy-PU system, other less surface tolerant systems.
  • Can be applied in wide range of atmospheric conditions.
  • High quality aliphatic PU top coat.



Cooling towers, C-4 to C-5 areas, steel structures, tank out side & supporting structure coating, external pipe lines, metal bridges & chemical processing plants, GI structures, dirty
contaminated surfaces, wet & humid areas - paper, coastal area, oil & gas....

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