Electrical MRO



Three Component System:

  1. (A)  Firex FB 250 Mineral Wool Boards pre - coated with frex EC - 43 (FM) firestop coating.

  2. (B)  Firex EC 43 (FM) High Solids Thin Film Intumescent Firestop Coating - Minimum 100-300mm cable length on either side of barrier /accessible side.

  3. (C)  Firex FBS Fire SEAL 73 One component, Elastomeric Intumescent Flexible FirestopSealant for application on joints, penetrations...

For creating fire stops in cable penetrations, through walls, control panel floors....


  • Tested up to 4 hours re resistance /200 mm (2 hour rating /100 mm)
  • Economical
  • Halogen free
  • Reduced smoke properties
  • Chemical resistant Weather resistant Comprises of non-combustible boards top coated with Firex intumescent coating, Firex sealing mortar, anchoring system..
  • Easy to retrot /pass new cables through existing barriers & re-install.


Speciacally designed for sealing around cable & service penetrations in walls and oors.

Firex Boards consists of fire & heat resistant mineral wool boards coated on both sides with Firex intumescent coating, affixed with Firex expanding sealant, which transforms into a hard ceramic during a fire to prevent the passage of fire and smoke and the transfer of heat.

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