Electrical MRO

General - Multiuse Cleaning/Moisture Removal


Universal electrical cleaner. Displaces moisture & restores resistance values, instantly of insulating materials & prevents deterioration of electrical properties. Provides protection against electrical leakage, arcing & short circuits. Penetrative cleaner-loosens dirt, scale, rust..... improves electrical conductivity. Lubricates - Circuit breaker levers, gang operated devices, Isolators......



  • Cleaning: contactors,generator/motorwindings,circuitbreakers,insulatorbushings,electrical&electronicassemblies,batteryterminals.....
  • Moisture displacement : Bus bars, bus bar supports, coils, "make-break" contactors, insulator bushings, terminal studs.....
  • Restoration of electrical properties & "IR" Values.
  • Re-opening rusted & seized parts.


PACKING : 12 x 700ml /410gms Aerosol sprays


Flash Point KB Value Evaporation Rate Di-Electric Strength
> 155 30 NA 33 KV
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