Electrical MRO



ClassF,flexible,tough,high dielectricstrengtharc&trackingresistantfinishingelectricalvarnish.

Penetrates, coats, insulates & seals in one step. Restores “IR” values, “in-situ” allowing motor operation till a suitable shutdown.

Resists oil, water, acids & alkalis.

Enhances electrical equipment life spans, prevents failures breakdowns,& “IR” value droppages.

Open end covers & spray onto winding end turns - effective long term protection



Electric motors, coils, LT bus-bar, frayed insulation, LT & HT insulators... anything that can be spray coated can be insulated & protected.


Imp. Note: For the Best Enhancing or “IR” values, removal of already penetrated moisture (Via Heat Lamps / #8070 Electrical 88) is first necessary.


Also available : SP98E10 Spraytex Epoxy Red Insulating Varnish.


( PACKING :12 X 400ml /320gms Aerosol sprays)


Thermal Class Di-electric Strength Useable / Cure time
F 2100 V/Mil Air Dries : 15 min.
Useable : 60 min.
Full cure : 24 hrs
  Dielectric Strength
a) in air at RT : 98Kv/mm
b) after immersion in water for
24 hrs : 58Kv/mm O
c) at 155 C :23Kv/mm
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