Mechanical MRO


  • Versatile - suitable for stripping paint, gaskets and carbon deposits.
  • Fast action, non-drip formulation.
  • User safe.
  • Ozone friendly.
  • Non – flammable.


Blend of highly effective paint stripping solvents, cellulosic agents and  sealant wax.

Designed for fast, clean, and efficient paint and varnish removal from metal, ceramic, wood and many other surfaces. Also finds considerable acceptance as a gasket and carbon deposit remover.

Easy to use, simply dip/ apply directly onto the area to be treated. Leave for some time until blistering is observed. Remove with a suitable scraper. Repeat as necessary and when treatment is complete wash off with warm soapy water.

Quickly and easily dissolves baked-on gaskets, gasket cements, formed-in- place gaskets, carbon deposits, dried oil, grease and paint on any type of metal in minutes even from vertical surfaces.



  • Removal of most cellulosic, acrylic, alkyd, PU-alkyd, bitumastic and vinyl paints varnishes, most coatings & carbonaceous deposits from steel, aluminum, cadmium, magnesium, iron, concrete.
  • Baked-on gaskets and gasket cements from any type of metal surface.


PACKING : 20, 5 & 1Kg

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