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Industrial Protective Coatings and Spray Paints
Industrial Protective Coatings

Stanvac Industrial Protective Coatings,

Available full range of innovative protective coating technologies : 1K Polymer paints, 2K Surface tolerant & 100% solids epoxy coatings, with a wide variety of curatives, Moisture curing epoxies... Pu's, Ceramic coatings & putties…
 Coating products for – metal corrosion prevention, concrete protection & electrical insulation.
 Some of our unique solutions – "True" rust & wet tolerant epoxy coatings, breathable moisture curing epoxy coatings, high voltage electrical insulation coating.

Firestop Barriers Grugaon

Stanvac ASTM / UL /BS Tested Firestop Barriers

Available both inorganic fire stop mortars & coated mineral wool barrier firestop systems, meeting ASTM E-814, UL1479, BS : 476 Part 20 & IS 12458...
 2 hour & 4 hour rated.
 Asbestos free.
 Applicable for both wall & floor openings.

FM Approved Cable Fire Suppression Coatings

Stanvac FM Approved Cable Fire Suppression Coating

 Provides both flame retardancy upto 120 minutes (IEC 60332, FM 3971…) and fire resistance upto 60 minutes (IEC 60331).
 1130 °c hydrocarbon fire tested.
 Unique weather /water immersion resistance.
 Extensively third party tested & certified.
 Meets toxicity index requirements of NES-713 & NCD-1409 (<3).

High BDV Dielectric Safety Flooring

Stanvac High BDV Dielectric Safety Flooring

High voltage dielectric epoxy floor coating meeting BDV (breakdown voltage) requirements of IS:15652:2006
- >30KV (Class A)...
- >45 KV (Class B)...
 Tested & certified by ERDA, India.
 Alternative to rubber mats
- Safer
- Easier to clean & maintain
- Better aesthetics
- Longer lasting