Cladded Wear Plates



Product Descriptions :

Using State-of-the-Art automated process & cladding under extremely controlled conditions, microstructure achieved is tough and also renders an optimum blend with formed carbides, resulting in supreme wear resistance.


Typical Applications :

Apron feeders, grit cones, cyclones, roller guards, static collars, housings, transfer chutes, chain conveyors wheel loaders and fan blades etc conveyors, wheel loaders and fan blades etc.


Usage of Plates :

In addition to usage as standard plates, cutting, rolling, bending and fabrication can also be done as per specific requirements


Typical Application Condition :Severe Abrasion / Mild Impact


Hardness Range : 60-63 HRc


Temp Resi : 250°C


Carbides : Cr-C

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