Stainless Steel Filler Wire

309Si / 309LSi



SUPERMIG 309LSi is used for the welding of stainless steels to mild and medium tensile steels. It is used for depositing intermediate layers on steel prior to depositing 308 grade stainless steel. Also used for the welding of clad steels where service temperatures are below 300°C.


Size Range

0.60 mm to 1.60 mm (0.025” to 0.062”)



  • Bright Finish
  • Matte Finish
  • Semi Bright/Matte Finish



SUPERTIG 309LSi is a stainless TIG rod conforming to ER 309LSi for welding austenitic stainless steels such as AISI 309LSi. It is also used to weld dissimilar steels and for buffer layers and buttering 18 Cr/ 8 Ni steels.


Size Range

0.80 mm To 5.00 mm (0.030” To 0.196”)



Bright Finish

Product Name AWS/SFA Yield Strength N/mm2 Tensile Strength N/mm2  Elongation A5(%) Impact Energy ISO-V(J) 20° C Welding Conditions
SUPERMIG 309LSi ER 309LSi ≥ 350 ≥ 520 ≥ 30% ≥ 100 DC (+)
SUPERTIG 309LSi ER 309LSi ≥ 350 ≥ 520 ≥ 30% ≥ 100 DC (-)


SUPERMIG 309LSi (Packing)

SD 300 / BS 300  11.34 Kgs/ 25 Lbs, 15 Kgs/ 30 Lbs/ 33lbs Layer Wound Plastic/ Metallic Spool.
SD 200  4.54 Kgs/ 10 Lbs Layer Wound Plastic Spool.
SD 100 0.700 Kgs/0.910 /2 lbs Layer Wound Plastic Spool.
Mig Wire in Drum In Drums of 100-250 Kgs (200-550 Lbs)


SUPERTIG 309LSi (Packing)

In Fiber/ Plastic Tubes of 5kg/ 10lbs, Also available in Bulk.

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