Stainless Steel Filler Wire




SUPERMIG 410NiMo is an solid MAG welding wire supplied precision layer wound depositing a C-12Cr4Ni0.5Mo weld metal suitable for use with Ar-Co2 mix shielding gases. It is used for the welding of high strength martensitic steels, with excellent resistance to corrosion , hydrocavitation & sulphide induced stress corrosion cracking , Good subzero notch toughness properties .


Size Range

0.60 mm to 1.60 mm (0.025” to 0.062”)



  • Bright Finish
  • Matte Finish
  • Semi Bright/Matte Finish




SUPERTIG 410NiMo ia a TIG rod suitable for welding AISI 410 NiMo. These are self- hardening steels and usually require pre-heating and stress relieving treatments in order to obtain adequate joint ductility. SUPERTIG 410NiMo is used primarily to weld cast and wrought material of similar chemical 


Size Range

0.80 mm To 5.00 mm (0.030” To 0.196”)



Bright Finish

Product Name AWS/SFA Yield Strength N/mm2 Tensile Strength N/mm2  Elongation A5(%) Impact Energy ISO-V(J) 20° C Welding Conditions
SUPERMIG 410NiMo ER 410NiMo ≥500 ≥760 ≥15% ≥ 50 DC (+)
SUPERTIG 410NiMo ER 410NiMo ≥550 ≥760 ≥20 ≥ 47 DC (-)


SUPERMIG 410NiMo (Packing)

SD 300 / BS 300  11.34 Kgs/ 25 Lbs, 15 Kgs/ 30 Lbs/ 33lbs Layer Wound Plastic/ Metallic Spool.
SD 200  4.54 Kgs/ 10 Lbs Layer Wound Plastic Spool.
SD 100 0.700 Kgs/0.910 /2 lbs Layer Wound Plastic Spool.
Mig Wire in Drum In Drums of 100-250 Kgs (200-550 Lbs)


SUPERTIG 410NiMo (Packaging)

In Fiber/ Plastic Tubes of 5kg/ 10lbs, Also available in Bulk.

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